Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will fresh blueberries be available?

Blueberries typically begin to ripen on our farm sometime in July.  It always depends on the weather!  A warm, sunny spring will deliver an early crop, and a cold wet one will delay it.

Check the website or call us early in July for more accurate information.

Do we have U-pick berries?

This year covid19 has changed the way we do a lot of things.  We are still evaluating whether we can comply with all the regulations around U-Pick.  Stay tuned!

Do we grow all our own blueberries?

Yes!  All the blueberries we sell come from our own farm.  Our family do the work ourselves, or directly supervise the people who help us.  We know how every berry is produced, picked, packed and delivered to you.  Whether you buy them fresh in season or frozen in the off-season we stand behind every pound we sell.

Are our berries organic?

No, but we do our best to reduce your exposure to pesticides.  In the fall and winter we do use some chemical sprays to keep the plants healthy, but once the blossoms come out we use only organic sprays until the blueberries are picked. We use a lot of organic methods (like fertilizing with compost and organic nutrients) to help build and maintain the health of the soil.  We also employ the best science available to measure and balance the nutrients in the soil and in the plants.

When do we prune the blueberry bushes?

We prune them in late winter and early spring.  This allows us to remove winter damage and diseases so that the bushes are clean and ready to bear the new crop in the spring.

Why do we prune blueberries?

Even though blueberries live a long time (up to 50 years) they need to be “renewed” and “shaped” to continue to produce high quality fruit.  “Renewal pruning” removes the oldest branches on a four to five year rotation.  “Shaping” the bush allows the fruit to be produced nearer the top of the bush where it gets the most sunshine and air circulation.  This helps to produce sweeter fruit and avoid fruit rots.

What should I look for as customer when purchasing blueberries?

When purchasing blueberries the most vital thing to look at is the blossom. Blossom is like a flower which gives natural care to blueberries and help them to appear as light blue. The more blossom berries have, it will remain fresh for a long time.